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Tokyo Apartments, managed by Enplus, also provides furniture rental, relocation services, property management and investment, and offices throughout Tokyo. Serviced Apartments Find locations throughout central Tokyo, offering a variety of layouts ranging from Studio to Bedrooms, for individuals to larger groups and families..Apartments Tokyo assists well to do clients and expatriates in their search for high end rental property, homes for purchase and investment property in the central Tokyo area..What rockets the moving price to crazy levels are other pointless fees like cleaning fee nobody gets how cleaning a two room apartment costs , yen , ” hour life support” what? , among others, together with the key money months , which is essentially ‘thank you’ money for letting them rent you the apartment. The last one was introduced at the end of WWII, when the Emperor imposed fixed rent costs in Tokyo to prevent the few apartments left standing from becoming overpriced.. Best Value of Apartment Hotels in Tokyo ” I spend nights in this hotel and here is my review The region It is located in the Shinagawa region, which is a quite, non touristic region.The train station is min walking and if you take the green train .

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