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Whether simply equipped, furnished bedroom apartment or finely furnished room apartment, we have something for everyone here. Furnished Home for rent Simple, fast and cheap! Stay on time in furnished flats in large German cities like Berlin , Hamburg , Munich or Frankfurt ..Rent an apartment in Munich without the hassle with Wunderflats. Munich apartments starting at month Over , Rental apartments all over Germany Fully furnished apartments Verified landlords No hidden costs. Easily rent and rent out accommodation in Munich online!.Apartment rental in Munich. Search text Rent per Month Rooms Available from Find a home Nicely furnished room apartment in Munich Au Haidhausen..Munich is the most expensive city in Germany to rent in, and the average cost of housing is a staggering per cent greater than in the capital Berlin. The average price of square meter furnished apartment in an expensive area of Munich, for example, is , a similar rate to that of Amsterdam..

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